Discount and Free Entry Cards

The National Heritage Institute is a partner of several international and national organizations whose members are granted discounts or free entry to historical monuments administered by the NHI. The discounts do not usually apply to culture events or special tours and events. 

Entry discounts:
  • European Youth Card EYCA

  • International Student Identity Card ISIC

  • International Teacher Identity Card ITIC

  • ZTP (severe health disability) card
    (for adults over 18)
Free entry:
  • International Council of Museums ICOM

  • International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS

  • MInistery of Culture Czech Republic and its contributory organizations (ID card contains the holder´s photo and the label of Ministery of Culture of the Czech Republic)

  • ZTP (severe health disability) card (under 18), ZTP/P (severe health disability requiring special care) card (and ZTP/P assistants)

  • NHI employee cards

  • Free tickets issued by NHI

  • Journalists with prior accreditation