Keep-Fit Cycling Tour of the Monuments of Krásno

After a hard climb, Krásno offers several interesting sights: the mining museum, bell tower, the monumental St. Catherine´s Church, the remarkable viewing tower and even more remarkable technical monument - Dlouhá stoka ("the Long Sewer") and finally, the slowly repaired Church of the Holiest Trinity in Nová Ves.

What is the best way to get to Bečov nad Teplou with a bike?

Driving is the most convenient option, of course, and you can park for free at the train station, which is also an ideal starting point of the route. We also recommend to use the train between Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně as wheelchair access trains with bike sections operate here. 

Where to park? 

The train station is an ideal starting point and you can also park here for free. There are other car parks along the Mariánskolázeňská Street that are closer to the centre and are paid - at the railway crossing, under the castle or at the crossroad of the roads to Karlovy Vary - Pilsen - Mariánské Lázně. If you have chosen another starting point on the route, you can also park your car in Krásno or Nová Ves. 

How difficult is the route?

Considering the elevation, we recommend it to experienced cyclists. On the other hand, the whole route follows paved roads, except for a short section of a possible detour to the viewing tower in Krásno (2x 1,5 km). 

Places of interest along the route:

1. Centre of Bečov nad Teplou - see the local points of interest on the route through the town centre
2. Propitiatory Cross in Krásno
3. Viewing tower in Krásno

Let´s  go!

If you start at the train station, go in the direction towards the town centre, follow the main road (Mariánskolázeňská) to the crossroad of Pislen-Karlovy Vary-Mariánské Lázně. Turn left towards Karlovy Vary. Then cycling route No. 62 turns left towards Milešov. This 5 km leg will test your fitness as there is a steep climb ahead of you. In Krásno, turn left again to route No. 2135 and you will find yourself at the Mining Museum. You can reward yourself by some rest during a tour. You will see a historical steam engine from 1897, exhibitions of ore and coal mining in the region and Krásno, mining transport and rescue. You can reward yourself by some rest during a tour. You will see a historical steam engine from 1897, exhibitions of ore and coal mining in the region and Krásno, mining transport and rescue. In the adjacent premises, there is an exhibition of locomotives and carriages used underground and on the ground, as well as a show adit. Before setting off again, take a ride - on the mining train!

From the museum, follow route No. 2135 (down Cínová street) towards the village centre. If you don´t want to miss the stone propitiatory cross from the early 16th century, continue down Cínová street to Hlavní Street and turn right - the cross is located 50 m from the crossroads on the left. Go back Hlavní Street and start following route No. 2135 again or continue down Hlavní Street and meet the route later, at the church.

There is a memorial in the square commemorating the cruelty of WWII: Let everyone who passes remember these 12 victims of the women´s death march.

A bit further, you cannot miss the mighty Neoroman church from 1859 consecrated to St. Catherine. There is another sight right behind the church, hidden between trees: The Renaissance bell tower from the 16th century is worth seeing!

And now just follow route No. 2135 to slowly leave Krásno. Pay attention above the village! There are two left turns one after another (150 m apart) and you can go down both (if you feel like it). A small (1,5 km) detour to the Krásno viewing tower is definitely worth it. The viewing tower will catch your eye at first sight by its non-traditional sugar cone shape with an outside spiral staircase, allegedly inspired by the Tower of Babel (ziggurat). Yet another possibility to improve your fitness - after running up the 120 steps, you will be rewarded by beautiful views - the Doupov Mountains, the Ore Mountains with Klínovec, Vladař. If you wish to have a wedding ceremony with a view, this is the place...

Let´s go back to the road and take the next left turn down route No. 2135. After less than 1,5 km, you will be crossing a "brook" - ATTENTION! It is not a brook but a significant technical monument and a national cultural monument, Dlouhá stoka ("the Long Sewer"). The waterway is 24 km long and was built in 1536 for transporting water and wood for mining. Back then this waterwork was unique in Europe for both its size and design.

After 2 km you will get to a road going to Nová Ves. Turn left and follow route No. 2019. the village is dominated by the Church of the Holiest Trinity from the 18th century, which is currently in a dismal state.

From here, route No. 2019 all the way to Bečov is quite relaxing and mostly easy. Before going back down the hill to the Bečov train station, you will enjoy beautiful views in the upper parts!