A Walk Through the Past

ADVENTURE ON THE ROAD TO KNOWLEDGE. The adventurous tour through the premises will show the differences between living in a medieval castle and a modern era chateau. This guided tour is available only in Czech language.

A walk through the premises for the youngest visitors (aged 4-8). The tour is inspired by the Pohádka o bečovském dávnosnění children´s book based on real historical events that you will get when you purchase a ticket, so you can go back to the experience of the Bečov chateau visit anytime. You will walk not only through the fine drawing rooms but also through a rock adit. At the end, you will weigh the armour of a medieval knight, a tin plate and you will learn about the differences in clothing of the castle and chateau residents. The tour is only available in Czech. 
Tours require booking (by phone, e-mail, or by the reservation form on this website).
If you wish to book a tour for a time that is not offered, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Pricelist to download

Basic information

  • duration 45 minutes
  • max. 25 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 1.–31. 12. closed
1. 1.–31. 3. closed


Czech guide tour

  • Adults 25–65 years 90 Kč
  • Seniors 65+ 70 Kč
  • Youth 18–25 years 70 Kč
  • Persons with disabilities with valid identification card/certificate 70 Kč
  • Children 6–18 years 50 Kč
  • Children under 6 years free
  • Person accompanying a disabled person free
  • Person accompanying a school group of 15 pupils/students free
  • Tour guide accompanying a group of at least 15 persons free
  • Free single NPÚ tickets free
  • Free family NPÚ tickets free
  • NPÚ-card free
  • „Náš člověk“-card* free
  • Journalist with press accreditation* free
  • * Offer available for cardholder only

reservation needed